Who We Are

What is a Curmudgeon ?

You may have noticed our columns that are published in the Sun Newspaper every two weeks. You may have heard us on WCCF, our local radio station, once a month for a couple of hours and you may have talked with a person who has been a guest speaker at our club meetings and so you ask “What in the world is the Curmudgeon Club and who are the members?”

One definition of a Curmudgeon in Webster’s dictionary is “a cross, ill natured, cantankerous old man”   Most of our members may be defined as old but certainly not Ill natured and certainly not cross. Cantankerous? Well perhaps, occasionally. What we really are though is a group of about 20 Charlotte County citizens that try to make life in Charlotte County a better place to live and work for all.

First, what we are NOT is a political organization. Nor do we, as a club, endorse or ever promote, any candidate for any public office! Have we had incumbents as members? Yes.   We’ve had at least two County Commissioners as members. Currently we have a member running for a seat on the County Commission.

And we have members as volunteers sitting on various County Boards.

We do not stand behind a candidate as a club. Some of our members may, as individuals, endorse or attempt to assist a candidate win a seat but we do not as an organization push any issue or candidate to attempt seating or passage. As a club we take NO position on any candidate or any issue.