William Schafer

My wife Gail and I decided to relocate to Punta Gorda, just after the 911 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, in the fall of 2001. Our daughter Jackie followed us a short time thereafter and is now teaching in the Tampa, Florida area. I then relocated my mother, (currently age 92) to Punta Gorda, where she resides independently in her own home.

I began my career in the transit industry some 40 years ago in the mid-1960s as a Motor Coach Operator. During that time I received Safe Driving Awards while operating over one million professional miles and also served as Union Business Agent and Pension Trustee.

Approximately 30 years ago I took a position with one of the largest privately owned fixed-route mass transportation companies in the northeast (The Red & Tan Lines). Red & Tan Enterprises was acquired by Coach USA of Houston, TX. A short time thereafter Coach USA was acquired by Stagecoach UK; and Stagecoach began downsizing by reducing their senior management staff positions, which prompted me to retire and relocate to Florida.

My most recent positions have been at senior staff levels such as Director of Operations, Director of Maintenance, General Manager, and Operations Manager. My past responsibilities included budgeting, operations, maintenance, safety, human resources, regulatory compliance and the development and implementation of schedules for new bus service. I have negotiated union labor agreements, handled disciplinary hearings and union grievances, organized a commercial driver-training program; as well as serving on a committee sponsored by the USDOT, for the development of a mechanic’s training program.