Joe Dixon (Emeritus)

I was a native of four states before I went into the U.S.Navy. My father was an occupational therapist, with the Government mental hospitals and he was subject to transfers to different hospitals and he would go to them and establish different clinics.

So I went from Maryland to New Jersey to Massachusetts to Wisconsin to Indiana before I was twenty.

I graduated as a star athlete and was prom king in my junior year.

I joined the Navy and turned 21 in boot camp. I passed the initial classification test to be able to select the medical corp. of the Navy.

I served three and a half years as a Pharmacists Mate and participated in three pacific invasions.

I was discharged and went home to the veterans hospital in Long Island new York where my dad was employed. On a vacation in Cape May N.J. I met my first wife married and impregnated her with a baby girl and moved to Philly.

I went to work in a small specialty store selling leather top tables and crystal chandeliers.

Then I was informed one day by a furniture sales man that there was an opening for a furniture manager at the new J.C. Penny store opening in King of Prussia Pa. I applied and got the job and held the position for five years. Number one in the entire U.S. A. for all J.C. Penny stores with furniture departments.

I then was transferred to a new opening nearby Penney Store and I took that store to a number two rating in national furniture sales despite being only thirty miles from my initial store,

After a successful career with J.C. Penney, I retired.

Then, after a year of idleness I applied for a job as head maintenance at a Tiffany’s Restaurant. The owner was surprised that a retired manager from Penny’s would apply for such a job, anyhow he and I hit it off both friendly and professionally and I took the job and worked at it successfully for three and a half years. (An aside. I liked it better than Penny’s.)

Then one week Edie And I went to Florida to visit my sister. That was it.

We went back and sold our beautiful town house for enough to completely buy the house with a swimming pool down here that my sister had up for sale and so there we were and here we are.