Club Particulars

The Charlotte County Curmudgeon Club actually began its existence in the year 1998. At that time a small group of proliferate writers agreed to have breakfast each Friday morning at a local restaurant to discuss local issues of community importance.

The gathering, because of its letters printed in the Sun newspaper and consistent Friday meetings soon attracted local politicians and Commissioners and even included one Commissioner as a member.

The Friday meetings were frank and open discussions among men of various and divergent backgrounds. Some with divergent political philosophies and many different political persuasions.

Some were Engineers, Architects, a Doctor, Businessmen and a Bus driver.

The Club originally had no officers but eventually in order to appear orderly elected William “Bill” Wells, an attorney, as President.

Bill was president for four years but after his home was destroyed by hurricane “Charley” he and his wife moved to Arizona.

Member Rich Galambos, was then chosen as President. However, after serving one year Rich found other situations were interfering with his duties and he resigned. Then, Secretary, Joe Dixon was elected President and served as President and Secretary until he resigned as President in 2007 after four years and was replaced by Dale Watson. Joe Dixon continued as secretary.

We have been active in formulating Town Hall Meetings that have attracted in excess of 900 people to the Cultural center and as a result inspired Commissioner Duffy to duplicate the Town Hall meetings at different locations. We find the association and combined efforts good. We also have a radio broadcast every 3rd Wednesday of the month, arranged by President Watson. We have important people from the County at our meetings to share current County information with us. We have no restriction on political parties for our members. Our membership varies as people move in and out of the County.

Tony Biell is our President

John Hitzel is our Treasurer

Vic Poitras is our Secretary

Prospective members are invited, and after attending three meetings are asked to give their backgrounds and profess the desire to be a member. After that they are voted on to become members.